Being a Biokeeper means contributing to a more sustainable world

Contributing to the well-being
of communities and nature conservation

Taking care of Biosphere Reserves, valuing them and promoting them means taking care of our territory, making an invaluable contribution to our commitment to People and the Planet. Geographically, they cover more than 2 million hectares and coincide with areas of high tourist interest, particularly nature and experience tourism.

Being a Biokeeper means visiting, valuing local heritage and products, supporting educational services, taking part in nature conservation projects or activities, or just spreading the word about Portugal’s Biosphere Reserves.

If you want to get more involved, become an Ambassador and help us expand the community of Biokeepers in Portugal’s Biosphere Reserves. You can also involve your local authority, parish, school, association, company or other organisation by filling in the membership form.


Biokeeper Schools

Add your school to the network of Biokeepers and students, teachers and staff, friends and family will become part of the Biokeepers network of the Biosphere Reserves, receiving a diploma and having access to information about the Reserves and their activities.


Code of Good Practice for Visitors to Protected Areas

Whenever you visit a protected area, know how to respect the natural and cultural heritage and how to interact with local communities and traditions. Be our partner in preserving our heritage.

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"People have always adapted to everything that arrived on the island through the sea... a piece of wood would be repurposed to make a door"

Vera Menezes, Designer and Artist born in Porto Santo.
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